Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and a look

Hi All!

First, I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy, loving, healthy and colourful 2012
May all of your dreams, wishes and hopes come true

Thanks so much for your support, friendship, fun and comments!
I feel very priviliged to know so many kindred spirits thanks to the internet

You guys make my blessed existence even more blessed <3

Let's make 2012 a colourful, sparkly and fun year!!!

Okies, here's what I was wearing on New Year's Eve
Me and Mr. Morgaine spent the evening together with good food and
good music and even though I was wearing very very comfy clothing
of course my makeup needed to be festive!

And on a side note, I have been wearing the Urban Decay primer potion
I got with the Naked Palette (more on that in coming posts) and I think
I've fallen in love with it..I'm kind of suprised myself, because I didn't
think it would be any beter then the Hema Eyeshadow Base I have been using for years..
I am going to try it for another week with different eyeshadows and maybe I will order
a fullsize... keep you posted :-)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
UD's Virgin on browbone
UD's Naked and Buck in crease
UD's Gunmetal in deep crease
Inglot's Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in 78 on lid as a base,
on the lower lashline and as a liner winged out
MUST Two Way Gel on the lid
Fyrinnae's Raven's Prophecy on the lid and lower lashline
Catrice Precision Eyepencil in Blackdsreet Boy
Fyrinnae's Winter, Again in the tearduct

Lots of pics because the lime and blue sparkles from Raven's Prophecy were a real
PITA to photograph...

Nothing on face and cheeks :-O

Did you have a good New Year's Eve?



  1. Happy new year to you and your readers!!! Enjoy! :)

  2. Thanks Yelay, have a good one! xox

  3. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar meis ! Weer een nieuw jaar vol Glitter en Glamour :D *hugs* xoxox
    En je look is uiteraard weer fantastisch !

  4. I LOVE the contrast between the dark cool-toned lid, the light cool-toned inner corner and the warm brown crease. <3

  5. @Olivia Right back at ya!! xox
    @Jerry thanks so much, it turned out rather nice :-)