Monday, January 2, 2012

Inglot Haul & Swatches

Hi All,

Last week I visited Inglot once more and got some Gel liners and some shadows...

Here are the palettes I created and swatches as well

This is what I call my "Autumn Palette"

AMC 08S - P433 - P419 - P409 - P418

Swatches over bare skin

Flashlight (because the sun came and went)

And here's what I named my "Dirty Mattes Palette"

M349 - M325 - M333 - M340 - M398

Swatches over bare skin in flash light

I really really love the Inglot mattes.....

Do you guys like my palettes?



  1. Excellent selection of colours! I approve! I love Inglot. You'll be happy that you got shimmers and mattes. I know I am. But I think I need more...

  2. @Olga, thanks sweetie! I love my inglot lol, I already have lots of shadows and i really love all of them, but the mattes especially! You can't go wrong with Inglot :-)