Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Glitter

Hi All!

On the 2nd Christmas day we spent our day with friends
We had delicious Greek tapas and lots of presents!
I was very spoiled...some new Zoeva brushes (love 'em), Star Gazer Cake Eyeliner palette,
True Blood book box, Fangtasia top,
 a skull ring watch, a silver ring with amethyst, chocolat, nailpolish, mascara, daycream....
I sure have been a good girl lol...

Anyway, I wore Inglot colors and pimped it up with Glamour Doll Eyes Monster Mash eyelight
A very fine glitter in green/orange

I also wore my Catrice foundation and some blush
NYX Circe on lips

And as a bonus one of my christmas presents...

Swatches from the Star Gazer Cake Eyeliner palette
You need to activate these with water or such and whaaam great color!!!
Not waterproof, but I love them!!!

Did you get some nice Christmas goodies?



  1. Ooh, I love the sparkle! Can't wait to see you do some looks with those amazing eyeliners.

  2. @Olgie I am thinking of a look with Love + and a red liner....perhaps with my red twilight lenses... muhahaha :-)

  3. The glitter is so cute! Sounds like you got some awesome goodies :)

  4. @Jerry Yes I really was spoiled, apparently I have been a good girl *wiggles eyebrows*