Monday, August 23, 2010

NOTD; Space, the final frontier......

Okay, taking a risk here but.....
I am a Trekkie
I love Star Trek and Sci-Fi in general and I am not ashamed about it....:-)

So, now you will understand why I'm so delighted with the Cosmix Collection of Orly.
And I literally squealed of joy when I got my Bundle Monster plates today.
Lots of celestial/nerdy images, Resistance Is Futile!!!!

I am really, really thrilled with how this mani turned out.

Look at the glitter, look at the holo, look at the stars, look at.....
Scotty, Beam Me Up!!!!

I used:
Orly's Lunar Eclipse from the Cosmix Collection
Bundle Monster plate BM20
Magnetic Shimmering Silver (read silver holo goodness)
Seche Vite Topcoat

I suggest you get these Bundle Monster plates, they're awesome!!
You can also use them to defend yourself against the Borg or other hostile species,
they are

I'm going to stare at my nails a little longer now *bliss*

Live Long And Prosper


  1. LOL! I'm a fan of Star Trek and filk :P

  2. Weehee, great minds think alike LOLQQ

  3. Cool! Love the effect of the Orly lacquer and the star on it really make it perfect.

  4. Yeah, i was really really happy with it to.. can't stop staring at my nails *blushes*

  5. Tof, ziet er heel leuk uit. Ik heb ook wat van Bundle Monster, maar ik kan echt niet met dat stempelen overweg.

  6. t klinkt oubollig, maar gewoon prutsen..
    dit is geloof ik mijn 6e serieuze stempelpoging..
    t moeilijkste is om de boel een beetje leuk op je nagel te krijgen qua plek...
    Maar t is zoooo leuk.... ik verheug me nu al op mijn herfst/haloween nagels gni gni