Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi all!

Today I used the Wet N Wild Pride and Greed palette
and Sugarpill's Midori.
I also used a green eyeliner from Teeez
Usual base and the Falsies mascara

Hmmm I usually wear purple or brights, but I have a green/blue vibe going on lol

Here goes

And Yay! Weekend has started for me!
Saturday I'm going to Beauty Salon Dimensions at Utrecht
An exhibition for Makeupartists, Beauticians, Nailstylist etc.
I'm very excited about it, it's my first time!

Do you have any fun plans?


  1. Just discovered your blog :)
    Your look are really colourful love it :)
    This look is gorgeous :)

  2. Bonjour Liloo!
    Merci beaucoup pour les compliments!!!
    I just took a look at you blog...woooww love it!!!
    You have another follower lol..

  3. Heyyyyyyyy but You're speaking french?
    Thx a lot honey ;)and welcome :)

  4. Just read your profile and we have something in comon ;)
    I'm a special need educator :)

  5. Une petite peu, your english is way better than my french lol
    Wow, that's a coincedence.
    I was browsing your blog and I LOVE (yes capital letters) your looks, so inspiring!!!!
    Glad to cyber meet you!!

  6. Like!

    Fijn weekend alvast, klinkt erg leuk!
    Ik heb morgen mijn diploma uitreiking (woohoo), dan naar een batcave feestje in A'dam, zaterdag komen vrienden eten en zondag uitbrakken op mijn opa's verjaardag haha :P

  7. diplomauitreiking!!!! Waaaa gefeliciteerd haha!!
    hhmm zijn de Batcave feesten nog wat??
    't klinkt als een gezellig en goed weekend!
    Amuseer je meis, en brakze hahaha