Friday, September 17, 2010

Extreme Room Make Over

Let me start by saying

I have the most wonderful and handy guy in the world!!!!

Having said that... I am so happy with my new vanity table/room!!!!
I didn't take pictures of the room before we started, but
imagine a 60's dresser, a lot of bookshelves and a purple/lilac wall
Get the picture???
Well this is how it looks now and I can't get that silly grin from my face ;-)

My sweetheart replaced the bookshelves, painted a wall (twice!), installed the lamps,
did the electricity, assembled the table and the Helmer...
What can I say? He's awesome!!!

Do you like my new place?
Our whole house is painted purple, this is the first
time I chose green paint and I love how it turned out!

Very happy hugz


  1. Wow! Dat lijkt me echt heaven om daar lekker te tutten! :D

  2. Hee Suzy, wat leuk dat je langskomt! :-)
    Ja, wat een heerlijke stek he, ben er echt super gelukkig mee!!!!!

  3. Heej D!
    WAUW, what a great room, very professional!! Your hubby is such a handy man!! I'm looking forward to our next date...

    Hugs from Jes

  4. Hee Vlaatje!!
    Hehe he sure is!! And so am I!

  5. Dat ziet er echt geweldig uit! Thumbs up voor je hubbie!

  6. Doorgegeven haha, hij heeft zichzelf weer overtroffen!!! En ik ben bijna geneigd mijn matrasje er neer te leggen hahaha

  7. Wauw wat mooi!! Geweldig zeg :D Waar heb je die lamp met lichtjes er omheen vandaan? Zo een zoek ik nog.