Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evil Shades Swatches

Hi All!

I finally took the time to swatch my new Evil Shades
I already used them in several EOTD's but here's the loot

Again, my poor swatching skills don't do these colours any justice

Steele Green, Whooo Are U?, Heartless Queen, 13th Hour
Acolyte, Zombie, Mordant, Coffin
Nightshade, Devil's Bonfire, Banshee, Chusi

I love them all, and I am looking forward to using Nightshade, it's a very
vibrant purple, likey like!!
Steele Green is very beautiful!
Devil's Bonfire is a deep black with holo glitter which was very camera shy

The pink on top was a free sample called Suffocation

Andrea from Evil Shades is a very nice person, and makes her own shades.
She also makes lipsticks, glosses, blushers, primers...
All the more reason to check Evil Shades out for yourself

I am really happy with the stuff I bought and it won't be my last order

Do you have any Evil Shades products?
Any favourites I should try?



  1. oe zo mooi! ik heb ook n bestelling bij Evil Shades gedaan, met enkele van deze kleuren en lipsticks :)

  2. Gaaf! Ben benieuwd *swatches swatches* hihi