Sunday, April 10, 2011

EOTD & FOTD Sequined Master

Hi All!

Yesterday me and Mr. Morgaine went to the Patronaat in Haarlem
to see mr. John Watts / Fischer Z
John had major voice problems so he promised everyone there would
be a new free concert, and he would see how far he would come this evening
He played for 1,5 hour and it was awesome!!!!
All the great songs were there, Marlies, So Long, The Worker and even
Batallion of Strangers, we had an awesome night
I'm keeping an eye on the site of the Patronaat for the 2nd

Yesterday everything feel in to place makeup wise lol
I really loved how this look came out

Regular base with Pixie Epoxy
Wet n Wild's Vanity palette for the matte browns
Catrice's Captain Of The Black Pearl
Fyrinnae's Sequined Master
(this is one of the Arcane shades, and it looked blue/purple and Mr. Morgaine
even discovered some green hahaha)
Regular eyeliner and mascara
Catrice Mineral Compact Powder
Catrice High Definition Duo Blush in Raspberry Ice Cream 
NYX Lipgloss (forgot which one, sorry)

Pic Spam!!

And some full face pics

*no flash*


I think I found my perfect look... <3
I really like the matte neutral crease in combination with the sparkles of Sequined Master
And it makes my hooded eyelids less hooded
I also used a makeup tissue to create a sharp line at the outer corner
I am sure gonna try this with my other zillion mineral eyeshadows lol

What do y'all think, did I succeed?
Any tips? Color combo's I should try?

Lemmeknow in the comnents!

Have a great Sunday/evening!



  1. Looks really pretty on you. Just found your blog today. Love the greens on the last post too x

  2. Hi Nicoletta! Thank you and welcome :-)