Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EOTD Wet 'n Wild Midori

Hi All!

Yesterday I was too tired and lazy to post
so here's my look of yesterday

Regular base and mascara
The chartreuse green from the WnW I Dream Of Greenie
The gold from WnW I Got Good Jeans
The matte nude color form WnW Vanity
Sugarpill's Midori
Green eyeliner from Teeez

Muted lamplight with flash
See that nice round spot above the crease?
I pinched myself (hard) with my Tweezerman *rolls eyes*

I loved the green/gold combo, need to try it some more:-)



  1. I like the green gold combo too. Maybe green for lid and gold for crease next time! :D

  2. @Skulda, thanks and a great idea, hmm I'm think with Aztec Gold from Fyrrinae......dreams away lol