Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wet N Wild Colour Icon Holiday Palettes Part I

Hi All!

How's everyone's saturday so far?
It has been snowing here like crazy and I am spending most of the day
in my jammies, listening to (old) xmas music, sipping hot cocao and enjoying
our xmastree...Yeeeaah I have been a bad elf... Dec. 4th and we already
have our tree up, which is absolutely NOT DONE here in Holland before
December 5th
To the North Pole with conventions heehee

Wanna see our retro tree?
Lemme know, I will make some piccies for ya!

On to the goodies this post's title is refering to..

Without further ado...

Say hello to Sugar Plum Fairy

This one's all about purples and as you might know,
I'm a sucker for purples...

These are alle shimmer/metallic colours, not like the originals which
combine mattes and shimmer in one palette
But hey, these are HOLIDAY palettes, there shall be bling!

And yes, you don't have to remind me I suck at swatching, big time
The lightest colour has an awesom purpley sheen. but it's so light
it didn't show up
Swatched over NYX jumbopencil in Milk

On to the Snow Sprite palette

All greens and blues here, me likez!

The dark blue isn't showing up at all, but it's a beautiful colour

I was curious how the shadows would look over Pixie Epoxy so
I swatches the darkest 3 colours of the palettes

There's the blue!

A little blurred (by accident lol) but it sure does show the sparkliness

I don't think you guys have to guess the coming EOTD's non?

The minipencils with these sets are okay to, haven't tried them on the eye yet...

Well, that's all for today folks!



  1. Pretty! En ja, foto's van jullie kerstboom, leuk :D

  2. hehe you got it! Ik ben echt weg van de wnw palettes, zo fijn!