Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman!!!

Hi All!

How's everybody's weekend this far?
Mine is horribly lazy :-( I promised myself lots of playtime but all I did
was swatching loooots of eyeshadow..

Why, you ask?

Because I received loads of it last week lol

I got some awesome shades from High Voltage, you can see the swatches from the Winter Solstice collection here
But I got more shades, a lots of greens and some other ones
I have been swatching those today

Yesterday I found my order from Hi Fi Cosmetics in my mailbox
30 samples of colourful happiness
After pouring all of them in jars (and spilled nothing) I swatched all 30
of them, yes I love you all!! :D

Expect a lot of colourful swatch posts to come!

Have a good Sunday y'all!



  1. We expects some LOTDs with these, they look great! :)


  2. I will do the best I can, and yes these are all gorgeous xox