Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanks To The Fantastic Heather/Eyeconic

Hi All!

A few posts ago I asked if anyone would do a swap so I could
get my hands on the awesome new Wet 'n Wild palettes

Heather, a beautyblogger from the States,
 wrote me she saw all 6 of them in a drugstore near her work,
 so she could grab them for me
I was completely stunned that she was so kind to do this for someone
she never met!! I was really touched by her kindness
Ofcourse I said yes, please, thanks so much and we closed the deal ;-)

She sent the goodies on January 18th and amazingly I received them yesterday
on Januari 22nd!!!!
She even got me some extra goodies; several samples from Hi Fi and Meow
and 2 Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Pencils in Silver and Black
All shadows were in tact, so I did a happy dance across the room lol

Heather is currently moving 1000 miles from her former adress, so that she
even was willing to take the time to do this is just, wow, awesome!

What am I so excited about?

1st row; I Dream of Greenie, Spoiled Brat, Silent Treatment
2nd row; I'm Feelin' Retro, Getting Sunburned, I Got Good Jeans

I only read great reviews on these babies on a lot of American blogs
And I'm so very happy Heather gave me the chance to get them :-)

The pencils have an awesome glitter in them, love it!!

And if this wasn't enough....
Heather spoiled me with samples!!!

So, yes I am one happy camper and very grateful for this act
of kindness
Sometimes the 'virtual' world is way lovelier then the real one!

So again, Heather, thanks so very much sweetie!!!!

And guys, take a look at her blog!!



  1. Wat super leuk van haar! En wat een geweldig mooie paletten, ik heb ze op gezien, die wil ik ook wel! Misschien even op ebay kijken. Zitten echt gave kleuren tussen, ben benieuwd naar je EOTDs!