Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where the heck did I go?

Hi Guys,

It's kind of embarassing to write this post after 2,5 month of absence...

I really love blogging and makeup and 'talking' to you guys, but I hit a few rough spots over the last months...

First of all I injured my back and it took almost a month to recover from that, including a week of not being able to sit properly, which sounds way more funnier than it actually was.

When that was over and done I ended up at the ophtalmologist in a kind of emergency way..
I was at work, when suddenly my right eye was seeing a huge blotch, my sight went blurry and it kind of scared the shit out of me. After calling my doctor I had to see her immediately and she made an emergency appointment with the ophtalmologist.
After a long wait, and eyedrops and anaesteshia in that eye I got the diagnosis that I suffer from vitreous opacities. In normal English it means that my sight is blurred due to floaters, spots and when it's dark, flashes of light.

What makes the whole thing fickle is that I suffer from amblyopia in the left eye, which basically means that the left eye doesn't work, the connection to the brain was not made correctly when I was a kid and I am extremely farsighted with that eye, it also has a 60% capacity, so I don't use that eye at all.
Which means that now my only good eye is not so good anymore.

After 7 weeks of getting used to and learning to live with it, because that is the treatment (beside an operation with high risk), I am coping with it quite well ( I believe)
But is was a very difficult period, and when it started, I couldn't work properly, because I hardly could see my monitor at work.

That got a lot better, thank heavens, and with two new glasses, things are starting to work out.

But all the things I love so much such as reading, doing makeup, driving my car are now way more demanding that it used to be.
And though I am a very optimistic gal, there are moments I am quite upset and angry, but I also realize things could have been much worse, so I try to limit my nagging and complaining :-)

But the whole thing took the sparkle out of the makeup so blogging wasn't high on my list.

But, I did makeup, I even started to do eyeliner again (a real challenge with blurry sight) and I did take pictures.
So, I am planning to return to blogging, first I changed my layout, as you might have noticed, and I am writing this post.
Next to me is my camera with 2gb of photos, which I will have to download to my laptop and rearrange, crop etc etc.
That is going to take some time, but I planned this weekend to get started.

I noticed I still have visitors, even during these months I have been slacking, so that's kind of awesome.

It's not all misery and drama, we did have a great summer here, so I spent a lot of time in my garden and with friends. I also turned 45 on August 5th, which I rather enjoyed.
And on the beauty department, I got a Clarisonic Mia 2 for my birthday, which I deeply love already..

Wel guys,
Thumbs up for you if you made it this far reading

I see you soon



  1. I'm sorry to hear this, but glad that the new glasses are helping and you're adjusting.