Monday, August 25, 2014

Lately I Have Been Wearing......

Hi Guys,

Sometimes I like to photograph what I'm wearing (call the men in the white coats!)

I still wear the same type of stuff as when I was 18, I like a punk/rock outfit and since that doesn't goes out of style (at least not with me lol) you can find a lot of nice, cheap stuff at H&M, New Yorker or Cool Cat.
And since I am not a fashion following kind of girl, I always find great stuff at the stores

So you get some, not too good quality, outfit pics :-)

Shirt from Criminal Damage (had it for years)
Black H&M Skinny Jeans
Black H&M top
Plateau Converse All Stars

Shirt with lipsticks (!!!) from New Yorker
Black skinny jeans from Levi's ID Curve (I'm a slight curve :-)
Same All Stars as above

Top from New Yorker (3 Euro!)
Red faux leather skinny jeans from New Yorker
Vest from New Yorker
Converse All Stars (again, but different shoe laces :-)

Striped top from New Yorker
Grey skinny jeans from Levi's ID Curve
Same old All Stars

You like to see more some times? Or not?


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