Saturday, November 9, 2013

EOTD Dramatic Greens

Hi Guys,

Today I went shopping with my bff in Amsterdam and we took some time to check out Lush Cosmetics
We both left with some goodies :-)
The sweet salesgirl there complimented my on my makeup, how sweet!

I got some skincare stuff, I was lacking a cleanser and toner, so I got Angels on Bare Skin (used once so far and I like it) and Eau Roma water (which I already love).
I also got two fresh masks, The Sacred Truth (used that today, yum!) and Love Lettuce.
I also got a lipscrub, Popcorn, which is nothing short of nomnom :-)
I got a sample of the Celestial, which feels very nice.
But before I buy that one, I have to use up my Olaz Total Effects.
I am curious to see how my skin will respond to Lush.

Anyway, for makeup I used all Inglot greens and a green Kiko eyepencil.
I even used some BB cream (Holika Holika in Watery) and a Make Up Studio blush in Golden Fortune.

Friday I went to my beautician, which was heavenly, and she did my makeup.
Mr. Morgaine mentioned the BB cream and blush she used made me look even younger lol,
so I am going to try that more often :-) When you're 40+ you need all the help you can get, right?



  1. Deze is echt prachtig, twee emerald groene oogjes :)
    Love Lettuce en Angels on bare Skin zijn ook 2 van mijn favorieten. Ik heb laatst wat bruisballen gehaald voor de kerst als ik bij familie in bad kan, joepie!

    1. haha ja het is erg lekker spul, maar wel een beetje prijzig....