Friday, June 28, 2013

New Hair and a question

Hi Guys

Well, two weeks old new hair that is..
It has been cut shorter and it's dyed in Magenta Red

I am very happy with it!

And since I have been using Olaz Seven Effects (for nearly two months now) I see a big difference in my skin. My skin feels softer, smoother, and my complexion is more toned. 
I hardly have break outs or flaky skin.
Olaz is not a very cheap product but not a expensive one either. I have a serum/day cream, a moisturizer, a night cream and an eyecream. Normally those are about 22 euro a piece, but a drugstore here has them regulary on sale with 50% discount :-)

I am considering asking a Philips Visapure for my birthday, do you guys have any experience with those?

All input is highly appreciated!



  1. Ik vind je erg goed staan met je nieuwe haarstijl ;) super ! XX