Wednesday, February 15, 2012

EOTD Teal Teal Teal!

Hi All!

Now we're talking fun makeup!

I went to see VNV Nation on february 4th and I was the best VNV gig ever!
They played for nearly 2,5 hours and I danced my cute little butt off!!

Anyway, this demanded a seriously fun makeup!
And since I bought OPI's Fly that day and wore it, I wanted a tealish makeup

Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eye Liner Gel in 87 as a base
Aromaleigh's Wave (matte soft teal) in the crease
MUST Two Way Gel on lid
Fyrinnaes Sleepy Hollow on lid
Inglot's M340 in crease and lower lashline
Inglot's DS473 and DS504 in upper crease
Inglot's M350 on browbon
Inglot's AMC 24 S in tearduct
Catrice Eyepencil in Black Jack with Jack Black to tightline
The Body Needs Blackened Teal for wetlining

Catrice Photofinish Foundation in 010 Sand Beige
Sleek's Santorini Blush

Duuuuh.... lol



  1. I love the teal look! Beautiful!

  2. yep dat is absoluut heel erg teal , LOL ! Prachtig meid !

  3. Lol, sounds like you had a great time! This is one of your prettiest looks I think. You look absolutely stunning in teal and it goes great with your nice hair!

  4. @Phyrra, thanks hon, I know you're a teal lover as well :D
    @Olivia dank je wel meis, Sleepy Hollow blijft geweldig!
    @Phlox I sure did haha, thanks so much for the compliment dear!

  5. Smokey dark looks like these look SOOOOO good on you!

  6. OMG, I think this is my absolute most favourite look you've ever done! I love it that much. Amazing colours.