Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swatcharoo Random Meow

Hi All!

Here some swatches from several Halloween collection from Meow

Swatched over Make Up Studio's Two Way Gel

From left to right
Xenophobe (Alien Abduction)
Datura (Alien Abduction)
Beauty Over Brains (Zombie Apocalypse)
Pestilence (Four Horsemen)

I hope these swatches are useful

Thanks for looking!



  1. believe me when I tell you, I have been eyeing meow too! and that black green pestilence.... m-hm I could totally see some looks with that!

  2. I believe you!! two words: try them!
    You wont be disappointed, I promise!!

  3. I just got my first order in today! Lots of Christmas collection samples, most of them from the Glacial Grove collection. They're beautiful!!! Thanx for inspiring me to order them. I'm going to order again now they offer 20% off and free int'l shipping on orders over $30... I'm an addict :P

  4. leuk dat je weer zo veel swatch foto's post! Nog leuk dat ik dan steeds denk, 'oh joepie die heb ik ook!':D

  5. @Wendy you're very welcome, I wouldn't rave about them if i didn't love them myself lol
    @Jerry uhuh hehe
    @Linda, haha ja goed he!!!!