Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inglotastic Haul

Hi All!

As I told you guys before, I went to Inglot's @ Amsterdam with Linda
And I purchased an embarassing but oh so fullfilling amount of makeup!

I believe we spent nearly 2 hours swatching, drinking coffee and swatching some more

Finally I did get 3 palettes with 10 colors each
I already had 2 palettes with 5 colors
So I got those out of the palettes to create better combinations
(Yep a little color autistic here...)
I also got 3 gel eyeliners and 1 liquid liner
And the sweet ladies at Inglot's let me pick a nailpolish for free
(which I didn't photograhp yet...doh)

I am gonna show you the freedom palettes first

The Greens

I used a pencil to write the numbers of the shadows, works perfect!

The purples

My Naked Palette (a gift from Mr. Morgaine)

Mermaid colors

Taupe/Grey colors

Played around untill my eyelids fell off :-)

Yes....the eyeliner is crooked, I fixed it (after I took pics lol)

I'll show you the eyeliner in another post!

What do you think? Money well spent?



  1. GEWELDIGE paletjes heb je gemaakt! En die eyeliners zien er super goed uit zeg.

  2. that blue eyeliner looks great on you! i spent all my birthday money on makeup to, im so glad im not the only person who does that!
    Grace xx

  3. Ooooh I like the look of the eyeliner and your mermaid palette! *steals*

  4. @Linda ja lekker he, stond te trappelen in de keuken toen ik er mee bezig was (beter licht)
    @Grace thanks so much, no you're definately not dear, it's a great way of spending bday money lol
    @Silhouette hahaha *takes a plane to rescue her mermaid palette*