Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday EOTD Taupes By Inglot

Hi All!

Friday was a special day... It was my birthday!
It was a lovely day with lots of cards, textmessages and facebook messages :-)
I was spoilt rotten by everybody, I LOVE presents :-))

I want to show you the lovely ring I got from Mr. Morgaine

It's new but I love it's retro, just like me :-)


It traveled to me all the way from Mexico and I adore it (and Mr. Morgaine
for getting me this precious)

I wore a simple look with taupes from Inglot
Regular base and mascara
Inglot P420, P434 & AMC 30 S
Looking back I regret I didn't use eyeliner on this one
Oh well, live and learn!

Hugz from the elderly lady ;-)


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday! i adore your ring, its very pretty. i think your eyes look great even without the liner.
    Grace xx

  2. I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday for Friday! ^______^

  3. Ik vind het best leuk zonder eyeliner! 't Kan prima, maar ik moet zeggen, meestal als ik heel erg expres geen liner doe (daar moet ik mij ook altijd toe zetten, omdat de liner meestal standaard gaat), krijg ik spijt omdat ik het niet gedaan heb :P

  4. @Grace, thank you so much, i had a perfect birthday :-)
    @Silhouette thanks sweetie!!!
    @Linda, yep same here hahaha