Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EOTD On Safari Again

Hi All!

Here's another look I did with Sleek's Safari palette
Regular base, mascara and eyeliner

And because I am as happy as a kid with my new Adidas sneakers

Look at those babies, they're black and green *dies*

Would you guys like to see outfit posts from time to time?
Let me know in the comments
Your comments brighten my day :-)



  1. I like that yellowy gold on the lid :)

  2. Ja ik vind dat super leuk om te zien. Mooie oogschaduw weer, ik moet nog steeds wat opsmeren, ik ga ook voor groen vandaag :)

  3. @Skulda, thank you! I love Mario lol
    @Silhouette, thanks sweetie, it turned out nicer then expected lol
    @Linda, leuk, ga ik het vaker doen haha, groen rulez!!