Monday, June 27, 2011

EOTD Old Signature Look

Hi All!

How has everyone's weekend been?
I had a very good one and it's tropical here in the Netherlands
with 31 degrees celcius (sweating it out)
Too bad it's only for a few days, big thunderstorms and rain are
to be expected tomorrow night... Welcome to Dutch Summers :-)

Anyways, yesterday I wanted a very quick look with just
some eyeliner and mascara
For years this had been my signature look untill I got hooked
on makeup again after 20 years..
When I wear this nowadays to work people always asking
me if I am ill because I am wearing NO

What can I say?
Beauty is in the naked eye of the beholder or was it
Beauty is in the eye of the naked beholder? *confused* :o)

Here goes..
Just eyeliner and mascara

I like myself more with some more colour!

Warm (literally) hugz!


  1. I love your old signature look :)

  2. Classic, simple, and beautiful. :D

  3. Thanks so much ladies, it almost feels naked lol

  4. Leuk, dat heb ik ook heel lang gehad! En ik vind het nog steeds erg mooi, staat je leuk.