Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EOTD Peachy Purple Green

Hi All!

Here's what I wore today

Regular base, mascara and eyeliner
Oranges from the Sleek Paraguaya palette
Chartreuse from the Zoeva Pastel palette
Sugarpill's Tako and Poison Plum

lamplight with flash

muted daylight with flash



  1. Zo iets heb ik laatst ook gedaan, n.a.v. een eerdere ooglook van jou. En ik heb super veel complimentjes gehad die dag, dus ook complimentjes voor jou! :)

  2. HOW do you combine colors so awesomely like this! This is like...perfect rainbow sherbet, and it just *goes* together, it's like you look at it and think, "well, DUH, peachy, purple, green!" I need more practice - when I attempt combos like this, it's like, ".....girl, what?" :)

  3. @Linda Wat gaaf meis, ehh foto's??
    @Kathy hahaha, I love your witty comments, girl I just go with what feels right, and I don't give a s*** about rules, it's makeup, I can take it off anytime lol, Just do it and suprise yourself! :-)))