Friday, May 20, 2011

EOTD Peachy Love +

Hi All!

Yay, it's Friday!
Any good plans this weekend?

Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday
I used the Sleek Paraquaya palette I <3 it...
Sugarpill's Love + for the outer v
DA Eyeliner in dark brown
Regular base and mascara
It looks like my mascara needs a vacation, excuse the clumpiness

Mr. Morgaine called this 'peacock eyes'
I tried to explain to him that purple/blue/green are the peacock colors
but he insisted..oh well lol mind of his own this one..
Shall we say orangey peacockey sortish thingy?

lamplight with flash

daylight with flash

Whadda ya think?



  1. Prachtig, zoals altijd!

  2. Is that another cute pop of purple that I see? :)

  3. @Silhouette, it looks like it doesn't it? But it's the Love + mixed with the darkbrown from the Sleek palette lol