Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EOTD Bohemian Midori

Hi All!

Here's what I am wearing today

Regular base, eyeliner and mascara
Sleek Bohemian palette (yellow, brickred and brown)
Sugarpill's Midori
Sugarpill's Tako

lamplight with flash

daylight with flash

What can I say? I <3 Brights



  1. Erg leuk, en oeh strakke liner, nice :D

  2. Oh my dear god, this is AMAZING! That color combo would scare the bejesus out of me if I tried to use, but you pull it off like a champ! I love how you place colors, and use colors, and make them look totally different but still awesome (like, that's Midori in the outer vee, right?)!

  3. @Kathy, you got me all blushy and teary eyed, thanks so much for your sweet words, can I adopt you as a sister? lol And yes that's Midori, you saw that right! I just love bringing color in my life as much as I can, and sometime I'm pleasantly suprised by the outcome myself lol xox