Friday, April 1, 2011

EOTD & New Hair

Hi All!

Here's what I have been wearing today

Regular base, mascara and Essence liquid eyeliner
Red browns from the 88E Palette
NYX Jumbopencil in Rust on waterline

lamplight with flash

muted lamplight with flash

Today I also had an appointment with the hairdresser
I have had my hair black for years and I really wanted to get rid
of it lol
I would love to have red hair, but I don't want to completely kill my hair
I have curls and dry, brittle hair
So I consulted my hairdresser and she sugested to get a 'coupe soleil'
(a plastic cap where tiny locks of hair are pulled out to lighten them)
and after that a red color
I didn't want an orange red color, because I am a cool colored type
so I went with a cool chestnut/aubergine color
I guess 1/2 - 1/3 of my hair was lit up this way
Anyway, most of the black is gone now and I hope it shows on the pics

I also had a haircut so my curls are all curly again lol

a little backlight

Only thing that annoyed me are my brows, I fear filling them in with
Sugarpill's Bulletproof is no longer an option, way to harsh

So I redid my makeup real quick with a few natural colors from Catrice
and I found a perfect match for the brow in the darkest matte reddish purple from the
Wet 'n Wild's Lust palette, go figure!

See? Way better :-)

I am very happy with my hair, and my intention is to get even lighter and
more red, but it's gonna take some time to get rid of all the black dye in my hair
Luckily my hair didn't suffer too much, it still feels pretty good
I got a hairmask to pamper my hair a little extra