Monday, April 4, 2011

EOTD Fun With The Metallic Stones Palette

Hi All!

How has everyone's weekend been?
I had my 2nd practice day for my MUA training and I had a fun day!
We also had a first really nice day, sunny and 22 degrees Celsius, springy!!
And now it's Monday and I am looking forward to the weekend already lol
Going to see 2 great bands coming weekend and I can't wait!

But, on to the makeup!

Today I wore colors from the Metallic Stones palette
And when I got home after work, I wanted to experiment some more with this palette

Regular base, eyeliner and mascara's the palette I'm talking about

I really love the greens, old golds and browns in this one..
I used most colors from the first 4 rows (from left to right)

Look of the day
Brown crease and green eyelid/outer v

Then I wanted to try old gold on the eyelid and a green crease

Here I also used NYX JP in Rocky Mountain Green on the waterline

Next I wanted just gold in different shades
no mascara because my eyes weren't too happy with heavy duty cleansings within 30 minutes :-)

And then I went crazy and used Sugarpill's Poison Plum for that touch of purple
Warning... really bad blending ahead...

When you have a nice stash, you're bound to forget stuff...
I haven't used this palette for a long time, but I somehow rediscovered it yesterday
The colors are all metallic and some of them have chunky glitter, but most
of the colors are very pretty in my opinion.
Also they're very blendable and a pretty look is created in little time

Well, huge post, sorry :-)

Have a great day/evening!


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  1. wat een leuk palletje :D , ben ik blij dat ik niet de enige ben die zoveel makeup heeft , dat je gewoon bijna zou vergeten welke kleuren je hebt ... leuke looks !