Friday, April 29, 2011

EOTD Feelin' (Pea)cocky!

Hi All!

Tomorrow it's Queensday here in The Netherlands!
Which means I wil be roaming the park here at 07.00 for a huge
On Queensday it's tradition to have a 'freemarket' where everyone
can sell their old stuff
Usually this means a lot of fun :-) and coming home with
 more old junk then you already had lol

Anyhoo today I did a peacocky look which I rather liked myself
(that's me getting cocky lmao)

I used my regular base and mascara
Catrice's The Knoble Knights
Several colors from the Zoeva Pastel Palette
NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Electric Purple

lamplight with flash

daylight with flash

And from a different angle

Have a great weekend guys!

BTW I received my BundleMonster plates today
and they're nothing short from a-w-e-s-o-m-e
I will be posting my mani this weekend!



  1. Deze kleurtjes staan je heel leuk ! Yummie love it :D

  2. Pssst. I gave you a blog award!