Monday, April 18, 2011

EOTD Nothing Neutral with the 120 Palette

Hi All!

How has everyone's weekend been?
Mine was funpacked with lovely appointments with great people
so I am one happy camper :-)

What also helps is that spring has sprung here in the Netherlands!
Sunny, 15-20 degrees Celcius, it's so great after the long winter!
Today I felt all giddy and took the day off and spent most of it
hanging out in my garden and devouring 'Beastly" by Alex Flinn.
Can't wait for the movie!

I also read the first volume of the Vampirates by Justin Somper
I regret I only bought the first 2 books of this series...I love it!

Well, huh, what, right, Makeup!!

Here's what I wore Friday
Regular base, eyeliner and mascara
Greens and Purples from the 120 palette

Gotta love wobbly eyeliner *face palm*



  1. Die groen in je crease vind ik erg mooi!
    En lekker he dat mooie weer, ik word daar ook wel blij van.

  2. Thanks, ja ik moest toch een beetje knap voor de dag komen :D