Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wet N Wild Colour Icon Holiday Palettes Part II

 Hi All!

Here is my second post on the Wet n Wild Holiday palettes
I received Golden Goddess and Night Elf

Kicking off with Golden Goddess

All golden shimmers or should I say shimmery golds?


I am not a great swatcher, but check the internet, there are way better ones

And here's something I threw together real quick so you get
the idea

Great for soft looks this one, I think combined with Pixie Epoxy these
colours will shine more, have to try that *makes notes*
The pencil is very nice, I used it on my lashline and waterline
I like this palette, colours blend easily, but I think I would
combine them with bolder or darker colours

On to Night Elf

Swatchy Swatch

Okay, here's the deal, this was the palette I was a little 'meh' about
After swatching I thought it was okay, but when I really used the colours
I got more hyped... I love this red, I love the brown with green sheen,
and I love the black and the pencil that comes with it..
This might be my favourite one of the bunch..

Lots of pics
Photographing my right eye is kind of a pain..
My left eye is lazy and it works for about 60% so taking
pics of my good eye, needing the bad one is kind of a hassle..
Having said that, I took lots of 'em because I really like how this
turned out and I am sure gonna wear this tomorrow


The colours blend like a dream
I used my new NYX Crystal Eyeliner in Crystal Onyx

Oooh and regular base and a mascara of Bourjois which I don't like
so I am not gonna name it further :-)

My final thoughts on the Wet N Wild Holiday Palettes?
Even though I paid a hell of a lot money for these (about 11-13$ a piece) 
I am really really glad I have them, they're SO worth it.
And I had a lovely Ebay seller, thanks Vicky!!!!
Like the other 4 (Lust, Greed, Pride & Vanity)
these will be used a lot!
My favourites are Night Elf and Sugar Plum Fairy

Hope this post was a little helpful!
Do you have any of the Wet N Wild palettes?
What do you think of them?


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