Wednesday, December 8, 2010

EOTD Banshee's Winter, Again

Hi All!

Today I wanted to wear some of my new eyeshadows I ordered
from Fyrinnae and Evil Shades
I wore Banshee on the lid, Winter, Again in the tearduct and
to blend out the purple from the Creative Me palette from Coastal Scents
and a nude colour from the Wet N Wild's Vanity palette
Regular base, eyeliner and mascara
NYX Jumbopencil in Electric Bleu on the waterline

I really like how this came out so I made lots of pictures

Yep that's me at 7 in the morning :-)



  1. I really like the colours but would you really wear make-up like that just on an ordinairy day? I think it's more something for photoshoots, parties and on stage... But that's just my humble opinion ^.^

  2. @Evil Angel Thanks hon, i love banshee!! xox

    @Charlotte Thank you! Yep I wear this if I am in the mood for it. Life's too short and the world is my stage ;-)It gets worse, if I wear my minimum of black winged eyeliner and mascara my coworkers ask me if I am ill wearing NO makeup lol xox