Tuesday, December 28, 2010

15 Random Facts Tag

Hi All!

I got tagged by the sweet and lovely Sanne from Morrigan's
Mention 15 random facts and tag 5 other bloggers...

Okay, here goes!!

1. I am the youngest of 3, my brothers are 10 and 11 years older then me
Needless to say I am the smartest, cutest and youngest of the 3 ;-)

2. I met Mr. Morgaine at a Siouxsie & the Banshees gig in 1988
For me, it was love at first sight, he needed a few weeks longer

3. I love stories of Avalon, King Arthur, Celtic Stories, hence the screen name
I'm using since the early 90's, Morgaine Le Fay (666)

4. I am allergic to cats (how sad is that?)

5. I was born in Amsterdam (how cool is that?)

6. About 3 years ago, after I took my black/purple extensions out, from
out of the blue I had curls (heritage of my dad who died too early)

7. I lost 20 kgs and am still proud I did that (healthy food and working out did
the job)

8. I know a unhealthy amount of music lyrics by heart

9. I own a Nintendo 8 bit, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS Lite and a
Atari Lynx. Favourite games Tetris and Dr. Mario

10. I love pineapple

11. I walk like a duck (according to Mr. Morgaine)

12. I love old musicals (Sound of Music, West Side Story)

13. I am quite good at Rummikub and Trivial Pursuit

14. I am a fastreader, so I read a lot of English books (those I read in 'normal' speed)

15. I love the Star Trek Series, especially TNG and Voyager

I tag all of my readers with a blog who would like to share 15 facts
Leave a link to your tagpost in the comments!


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  1. Very cool to see more people share my little obsession with all things Arthurian :D
    Great read, and thanks for the link!