Sunday, October 3, 2010

EOTD GDE Halloween Sets and a Reviewy Kinda Thing

Hi All!

I am recooperating from an evening of Horrorpunk!

Yesterday at 16.30 my phone rang and I was offered a ticket
to the Coffin Carnival at Eindhoven.
I was picked up within the hour lol, I never got dressed, made up (no pics, but I used FrankenGlamour among others) and polished that fast!
Anyway I had a great evening with my friends and saw the Cenobites, the Other and Mad Sin!

In this context these scareshadow looks fit in just great!

Here I used Infectious, Undead, Satan's Sheets and Zombie Date Night
Infectious is, I think, the best orange I own, it's great.
And Undead, omg I can't even describe how much I like it.
Satan's Sheets is a great hightlight colour, I used it in the tearduct as well.

Here I used FrankenGlamour, Teenage Witch, Bruised, Graveyard and
Skin of a Killer for the browbone.
NYX Jumbopencil in Lemon on the waterline.
The sparkle in Bruised is just amazing, and the green of FrankenGlamour is just
the way I love my greens!

These were two looks I threw together rather quickly because I wanted to try these colours so badly lol.
They are all very beautiful, pigmented and blend very easily.
You can combine them all and they're very wearable and have very great sparkle and sheen.
Graveyard is a perfect darkgrey matte, perfect if you want something a little softer then black.

I am very happy I was in time to purchase these two sets, I am
sure I am gonna use them a lot and definately not just for Halloween!

Warm hugz (yep summer's back for a day here)

ps I changed my blog to a more fally scene, hope y'all like!


  1. love those 2 looks especially the second one :)

  2. Thank you! The greens are very beautiful colours!