Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haul Beauty Salon Dimensions Sept 25th

Hi All!
I had a great day at the BSD yesterday.
So much to see and do...demos, workshops and lots of things to buy lol
Talked and listened to some mua's and learned a lot.
Anyway, I still had some b-day money to spent (unbelievable I know!)
And here's what came home to live with me
*warning, lots of pics*

First, OPI
The Go Goth mini set

Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow (suede), Absolute Alice, Merry Midnight
I am sooo happy I got my hands on AA!!

Next.. Golden Rose nailpolish
Including a limegreen one.... *sighs*

Bohemian Chic collection
Moulin Rouge, Cotton Club, Crazy Horse
Ultimate fall colours imho

Nfu Oh
051, 052, 056, 060
I've been lusting for ages over these...
Bliss in a bottle...

I didn't just got nailpolish...
A Tweezerman (my first!)
Waterdecals in peacockfeather (too cute)
 from Make Up Studio 2 eyeshadows,
2 Way Gel and Fix It
2 Way Gel is for appying glitters or shimmery eyeshadows
*I swatched it with my new green e/s and it looks awesome*
Fix It is for fixating makeup and I also wanted it for wetting my brushes.
The girls from MUS all wore this eyeshadow with fun lashes
The greens are kind of duochromish, very very cool!
This is "Touch of Green" from the new collection City Splendor.
The other one was a discounted one, very very blue and very pigmented.

I also got a year prescription on "Visagie" a  professional magazin for mua's
full of inspiring looks, news, etc etc.

I am very happy with my purchases but I have 2 serious problems..
1. My polish walldisplay is full, need a second one
2. What nailpolish am I going to wear for my next mani???



  1. Ooooeeh dat zijn een boel leuke spulletjes. Vooral die lakjes zijn gaaf zeg!

  2. Jep het had wel veel van kind in speelgoedwinkel.
    Ik hoop dat ik in maart nog een keer met mijn schoonzus meemag....kan ik alvast gaan budgetteren... haha