Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Got Naked Too

Hi All,

I didn't jump late on the bandwagon with this, I fell off...

Finally after a long time of lusting and doubting I
got it.....


My first Urban Decay stuff evah!

I like what I see so far, time for some testruns

What do you think, money well spent or money wasted big time?



  1. Absoluut Well spent !! Je gaat er echt geen spijt van hebben . Ik gebruik dit palette enorm vaak , meestal als ik weinig tijd heb , grijp ik vaak men Naked palette. En er zitten leuke highlighters , transitioncolors en andere kleuren om je looks mee te boosten !

  2. Ha meis! Het is inderdaad een foolproof palette, ben er ook erg blij mee :-)

  3. Absolutely money well spent. I think you'll adore this palette. I can't believe this is your first Urban Decay purchase! At least you started off with something awesome.

  4. Well spent! I think the naked palettes are gorgeous. Bet you're going to make some great looks with this beauty. :)

  5. I still need to get the Naked palette! I keep flip flopping back and forth on whether I actually need it, but I certainly feel like the only person who doesn't have it!