Sunday, August 21, 2011

NOTD Peridot

Hi All!

Last Friday I got my hands on Chanel's Peridot polish
It's my first Chanel product and I only bought it because I received a giftcard
for my birthday from a dear friend :-)
I feel a little iffy about buying a nailpolish of € 22

I adjusted my make up accordingly with Inglot's AMC34S & AMC56

Yep that's a new ring with peridot I bought at M'era Luna :-)

Love the polish!

Are you going to get this polish?



  1. That polish is so beautiful, sadly out of my budget so I'll be keeping an eye out for any upcoming dupes!

  2. A friend of mine and I went halvsies on a bottle of Peridot for our birthdays - I have to say it's probably the prettiest color that I've ever used! I even spoiled myself for my birthday by giving myself a pedicure with it!

  3. Wat een mooie nagellak ! Ik heb enkele duurdere nagellakjes van Dior , maar al bij al vind ik het behoorlijk veel geld en vaak kan je bij goedkopere merken dezelfde tinten vinden voor minder geld ;) En ik vind die turkooizen liner echt super he ... *zucht* ... X

  4. @Claire, you're completely right! There bound to be dupes, there always are :-)
    @ndrcvrngl, brilliant! Wow a pedi must sure be awesome!!!
    @Luna, Precies, dat heb ik ook, ik zou echt niet snel zomaar dat geld neerleggen, nu was het extra leuk!!! Bedoel je de jeans serie van Chanel die er aan komt? Very pretty!

  5. Hij´s echt prachtig, en super leuk om je oogschaduw te matchen! Echt heel mooi gedaan!

  6. @Linda ahh dank je wel!
    @Kathy, thanks hon!