Monday, January 10, 2011

Swatcharoo Shiro Cosmetics Part II

Hi All!

Here some colours from the Super Effective Collection from Shiro Cosmetics

Swatched over NYX Jumbopencil in Milk and Pixie Epoxy

Weepinbell (ls), Budew, Spiritomb (ls), Moltres (ls), Gyarados

I also received the Kawaii collection last week which I purchased
These are 5 satin pastel shades, tooooo cute lol
My pictures didn't come out right
Look at the lids, ubercuteness!

Normally I don't have issues with sifters, but this time I did, I couldn't get
any eyeshadow trough these, so I tried to take them out and pierced my fingertip with
a nail file *blooood* in the process.
So what did I do? What I should have done straight away: Ask Mr. Morgaine
if he could take them out, and yes, he did it in no time without bloodshed, le sigh

So the swatches are from Shiro Cosmetics

*Picture from Shiro Cosmetics*

Better than mine, non?

Yatta (ls), Kawaii (ls), Lolita, Banzai (ls), Desu
Left Pixie Epoxy, Right NYX Milk

I had to try Banzai and did a quick soft look
with Wet n Wild's Vanity palette and some black eyeliner

These are also great for hightlight the browbone, the tearduct and blending
out, I love them!

And in daylight



  1. Wat een mooie pastelkleurtjes!

  2. @Liesbeth, ja ze zijn echt super cute!!

    @Phyyra yeah, i totally love them too :-)