Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hi All!

Yesterday I went beautyshopping with my friend Jes in Amsterdam
First we went to Backstage (Makeup Studio, Ben Nye, Kryolan to name a few)
Jes found what she was looking for so then we happily went by bus to the Van Baerlestreet
where Inglot opened their doors in May.

We went in and ....OMFG!!!!
As a born and bred Amsterdam girl I already took pride in THE capital of the Netherlands ;-)
but after visiting Inglot........Amsterdam Rulez Big Time!!!

Well, long story short, I couldn't restrain myself (and I didn't want to really)
So here's what came to live with me...

da-dum da-dum

da-dum da-dum

And yes, OFCOURSE I stuck my finger in my shadows,
who could resist them??

AMC59, DS477, AMC58, P414, M363

P420, P434, DS491, DS494, M371

I chose taupes, greens and purples

And Eefje (if I got that right) from Inglot advised me to take 2 highlight colors as well
Ofcourse I complied lol

M351, AMC Shine 30
Both great colors, so yay for the advice!

Okay, let's get one thing out of the way..
I don't own any MAC shadows, I am too Dutch (read cheap) to pay 15 euro for one single eyeshadow
I believe you can achieve great looks just as well with drugstore brands as with high end brands
With a good eyeshadow primer/base and good brushes and creativity and some skill 
I  believe anything is possible, after all makeup = fun!
Having said this, I honestly must say I L-O-V-E the Inglot eyeshadows
I was doing the green look and I felt like a kid on christmas
These shadows ARE very, very pigmented and they blend effordlessly
For the price of 5 eyeshadows in a palette, 32 euro, you hardly can go wrong

I already have my eye on a neutral palette, a mermaidy palette,
a rainbow palette, a grey/silver palette, a.... okay, you get the point :-)

Well on to the looks, since I love the greens so much
the pics are larger then you're used to....

I am sure going to wear these greens tomorrow, I love them all!

Here the taupes...Great for a neutral/natural/smokey look
I used the shimmer highlight on the lid as well, love it..

Here I added the DS purples, I think they are a great match with brown peepers :-)

Okay and then I wanted to combine the greens and purples
Not my best executed look, but you get the picture...

I love the colors, the finishes, the blendability (is that a word?) and the
sturdy, classy palettes
I scribbled the numers on the palette with a pencil and that works great!

Okay guys, huge post and pics overload..
I just want to say: Get yourself an Inglotasm!!!

What do you like about Inglot?
Any colors I need to add to my wishlist?
Let me know in the comments, guys!



  1. Hele leuke looks , vooral de laatste :D De Inglot paletjes zien er super uit . Ik wou dat er in Belgiƫ ook eens wat leuks daarvan kwam :)

  2. Ze zijn ook echt super, ik ben echt heeeel erg enthousiast (en niet te vergeten zwaar hebberig). Tja meid, er zit niks anders op om eens een dagje Amsterdam te gaan doen haha

  3. Haha iemand moest over stag gaan voor augustus haha :P
    Wat een geweeeeeeeeldige kleuren! Die taupe met paars look is echt heel mooi, staat je inderdaad goed :)

  4. hihihi ja ik ben een watje....en ik wil gewoon het liefst morgen weer, zucht geen redding meer mogelijk...

  5. So many pretty looks and colours! I need to revisit Inglot again, the last 2 times I went I talked myself out of almost everything I wanted :(