Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My First Chanel Mascara

Hi Guys,

I figured a girl has to treat herself sometimes and how big of a treat is a high end product?
My long departed mom used to wear Chanel No. 5, so since I was a kid, the brand felt kind of magic and very grown up to me

So I got me the Inimitable mascara
or as Chanel puts it Mascara Multi Dimensionnel
Basically it's supposed to give your lashes volume, length, curl and separation

Here it is...

And here's the mascara unboxed, tres chic!
All shiny black and gold

And here's a close up of the wand and brush
Rubber bristles, from tiny to long in length

And now it gets scary, warning very naked eye!!!!

I do have lashes, nothing too flashy and my lower lashes are quite long, so I rarely wear mascara on those because it looks weird to me

And here's one coat

Well hello there! I have lashes!!

And here's two coats

You have to use a light hand to avoid clumpiness and I used a spoolie to seperate them a little more
The mascara does curl my lashes, like I used a curler, which I didn't
Also, this mascara doesn't smudge under my lower lashes, which is quite extraordinary
And my lashes feel like there is no mascara on them at all, score!!!

This is NOT a budgetfriendly mascara, but I guess you figured that out
Normally this macara will set you back 31,50 euro
The reason I picked it up was a discount of 40%, so I paid around 19 euro
And that's not much more then a good drugstore brand

So, final verdict?
Love it!


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