Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTD Rainbow Connection

Hi All,

I was inspired by this nailart from That's So Fresh and even though mine 
doesn't come near the awesomeness from the original I had lots of fun
doing this and I loved it
However I didn't had enough time (hence the polish cuticles), so I am definately going to try it again

Here it is

I used Matte Vinyl from Orly as the base black
Several colors from China Glaze Electropop and OPI Nicki Minaj
and I stamped with Konad White polish and BM014
Seche Vite to top it off

I feel kind of springy and in the mood for happy nailart

The lovers, the dreamers and me :-)


  1. Oh deze is zooooooooo schattig !!! Ik moet dat ook is uittesten , haha X

  2. yiha! this was so colour-crasy! and with stars and all! it reminds of those northern lights! so cool!/Azure

  3. This is so cute! I love it :D

  4. Awesome, I think these kind of mani's are so much fun, but I just don't have the patience to do something like this.

  5. @Olivia, zeker doen, het maken is al leuk haha
    @Azure, I am gonna try it again on a white base, to make the colors pop even more! Aaahh color....<3
    @Phyrra Thanks hon!!! :-)
    @Heather hehe thanks Heather :D
    @Lisanne I normally haven't either, but when it's done I love the result (even when I think I could do better lol)

  6. This is really cool! Well done, I think it looks just as nice as your inspiration, just a bit different :)