Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fooling Around With Lashes & Camera

Hi All!

Today I received my DUO lash glue
so I played around with some crappy lashes and ofcourse
I hade to take silly pictures :-)

Can you do 'happy'?

Can you do 'pouting'?

Can you do 'sad'?

Can you do 'pensive'?

Can you do 'rock chick'?

Can you do 'psycho'?

Can you do 'evil'?

Hell Yeah! I had fun and no seriousness at all was intended!



  1. I LOOOOVE these lashes on you, they make your eyes look bigger (kinda weird how that works, huh? :D) and omg I love the bold dark purple lip too.

  2. This look is amazing! :D I love the lashes and how you did your makeup!

  3. Can you do "smoking HOT"?! Um, that would be a resounding "YES!"

  4. HOLY COW! This looks so pretty! This is the smokey look you posted earlier, right? Just with the lashes and lips added? If so, bravo! :D

  5. Thanks so much ladies!!
    @Amy, yup that was the day look a little darkened and amped up with the lashes and lips :-)