Thursday, July 5, 2012

NOTD Pink Panther

Hi guys,

I love nailpolish as much as I love eyeshadow!

Recently I've been looking in to indie nailpolish sellers and I ran across the
girls from Lush Lacquer
Karin and Lexi are a mother/daughter team who create and sell great polishes.
I love layering geeky and fun glitters and they have a shop full of awesome

I ordered 7 mini's (and already slap myself in the face for not ordering full sizes and preferably
all of them) and last week they arrived on my doormat :-)

The first one I am going to show you is

Yes: Pink Panther!!

It's a combo of matte white, black and pink glitter in several shapes and sizes
Check the description here

I layered it over China Glaze Splish Splash from the Summer Neons collection,
which I love to pieces :-)

Here goes:

Instant happiness for the nails :-)

I would love this glitter polish in black/white/green or black/white/purple as well 

Pain in the butt to remove the glittah from your fingahs but these kind
of polishes are so worth the trouble...

Expect more Lush Lacquer's goodness in the coming weeks!

Do you like indie polishes? Any recommandations?



  1. Oh wat leuk. Heb zelf nog nooit indie nagellakjes geprobeerd, maar je maakt het wel er verleidelijk voor me :-D
    Glitternagellak mag dan een hel zijn om te verwijderen , het weerhoud me eveneens niet om ze te gebruiken. De foiling removing techniek is trouwens een geweldige oplossing hiervoor ! ... Toch als je wat tegen wachten kan ;-) x

  2. Ze zijn allemaal zooo leuk, en ja, de foil methode werkt inderdaad meer dan prima hehe