Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Haz A Inglot Sad

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I went shopping with the lovely Linda

Ofcourse we went to Inglot and spent some good time there
swatching and swatching :-)
I got some nice goodies as did Linda but I am very taken aback to tell you
(Dutch) Inglot fans that there has been a huge price increase on Inglot...

I got two freedom system palettes, a 5 and 3 palette and two gel liners
The 3 palette and gel liners are a birthday pressie from Mr. Morgaine
so you (and me) have to wait until 5th of August for those :-)

The 5 palette cost me 40 euro (was 32 euro)
The 3 palette was 24 euro (was 19 euro)
The gel liners were 14 euro (were 12 euro)

A 10 palette is going to cost you 72 euro (was 60 euro)

I was told this was due to higher costprice
As a daughter of a former businessowner I understand the need 
of making profit like no other, but a price increase of ca. 20% in these times? Not good.

On the other hand the blushers and brushes have become cheaper
(but my interest lies in the shadows, alas)

Apparently I was living under a rock concerning the price increases by Inglot,
since I read the UK prices were increased as well

It really bums me out because I understand the prices in Poland (Inglot's homecountry)
are way lower, 2,80 euro for an eyeshadow, 4 euro for the gel liner

Next time I will think twice before making another purchase

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Inglot products and the great
people who work at the store in Amsterdam but
I am not too thrilled about these kind of price increases :-(

Anyway, here's a look with my latest (and probably last) Inglot haul

I got 2 red/purple colors, 2 lavender colors and a dark lavender blue
I will make another post with swatches and the numbers

How do you feel about huge price increases? Will those stop you  
purchasing from a brand?

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Oh jee zeg , dat is wel een enorme verhoging !
    En dan in Polen zoooo goedkoop , pfieuw zeg !
    Wellicht zou het me niet meteen weerhouden om nog iets te kopen ervan , maar ik zou wel bewuster kopen. De dingen die ik écht graag wil en andere die ik mssn in een goedkoper merk kan vinden én goed zijn ...
    Leuke look trouwens ook !

  2. This is another fabulous look. I love these colours together.
    That sucks about Inglot's price increases. I don't buy it too often because it's stupidly expensive in Australia (I try to wait until they have a 20% off sale). Eyeshadows go for AU$22 (around 19 euro)for a pearl or matte or $25 (21 euro) for an AMC shadow.

  3. That's really too bad about the increase. One of the things I love about Inglot is that it offers such high quality at affordable prices. I hope they don't increase too much here in the US, but I have a feeling they probably will, if they're doing it elsewhere. I was recently in Krakow and yes, the prices were cheaper there. Although currently the eyeshadows here I believe are $6, which is an increase from the original $5, but I still think they're a great deal, relative to other brands offering the same quality. They make the majority of their products in their own factory/warehouse in Poland, so maybe the price increase has something to do with shipping costs? But even still... I don't know whether that could explain a 20% increase