Sunday, October 9, 2011

EOTD Purple Faux Pas

Hi All!

Here's a purple look that turned out a little different than I planned
It all went well untill I applied the eyeliner, let's say I started out thin....
So I decided to replace the light lid color with a dark one to save it....

Regular base and mascara
Inglot's P441 (upper crease and lower lashline)
M377 (crease)
P440 (tearduct and upper crease)
AMC 62 (lid, lower lashline and outer v)
The blue/purple eyeshadow transformer from ELF (tearduct and browbone)
Inglot's Liquid Eyeliner in 29 (totally overdone lol)

No closed eyes pics on this one, it was way too bad

The great thing of makeup: you can wash it off and try again the next day :-)

How do you cover up mistakes? Do you take it off and start again?
Or do you get creative (or dark like I did)



  1. I love the thick liner and dark lid, it just looks like it was intentional. :) Great job!

    It's usually hard for me to cover up winged liner mistakes since my wing is usually quite obvious, so I tend to take my makeup off and start again. But if I've just messed it up on the lid (and before I get to the wing) I'll probably just go over the mistake with some of the shadow on the lid, or turn it into a dark lid to save it.

  2. Die roze/paarse sheen in de crease is mooi! Geeft echt diepte en kleur aan je look. Pretty!

  3. Dat heb je goed gefabriceerd want het ziet er super mooi uit! Erg mooi geblend ook!

  4. @Jerry, thnkas girl! If I have the time, I would start again as well, but sometimes you just don't have that luxury lpl
    @Jorna, dank je wel, ben dol op Inglot!
    @Linda, Ha thanks girl!!!!