Monday, October 3, 2011

EOTD & OOTD Retro Me

Hi All!

Last weekend I bought a few tops in retro style
Today I wanted to wear one of them

This is the fabric, totally 70s!

I wore a neutral makeup with it
Regular base and mascara
Wet 'n Wild's Vanity palette
medium matte brown (crease)
deep matte brown (deep crease and lower lashline)
beige matte (lid and browbone)
DA Eyeliner in dark brown

Some full face pics

And the copper bracelet on the picture below is very special to me
It is made by my father, I guess somewhere in the 70s.
My father used to make jewelry and I am very happy I got this
bracelet, it's a perfect fit with the top
I don't think my dad would ever guessed his daughter would wear his bracelet one day

And some not so good pictures of my outfit


But I think you guys get the idea :-)

Normally I am more of a rockchick/newwave/sporty kind of dresser
but I love the 70s graphic designs

Do you like retro stuff?



  1. Agh, I love this whole look so much!!!!! Freaking AWESOME!

  2. You're too sweet! Thanks hon!!

  3. that looks so awesome, i love your top!
    Grace xx