Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EOTD Spoiled Brat Gets Silent Treatment

Hi All!

Today I wore colors from 2 Wet 'n Wild Palettes
The silver in the inner corner from Spoiled Brat
And the taupe and dark brown from Silent Treatment
Regular base, eyeliner, mascara and eyepencil
NYX Round lipstick in Tea Rose

The close up pics didn't work out that well, but the
full face pics did, so more of them then usual

Aaand it looked better IRL lol, oh well, to error is human :-)

Have a great Tuesday guys!



  1. Oh wauw wat zie je er mooi uit, staat je super goed dit!

  2. I hate it when stuff doesn't photograph well lol, but I think it looks beautiful! Wow I love your jacket, is it a military style? I really love the fact you are doing full face pictures now too so everyone can see your pretty face! :D

  3. @Xibalba, aah dank je wel, wat lief! xox
    @Amy, yeah it happens lol, yep the jacket is, I love bandjackets and I believe I have 5 of them :-O
    Wow that's so sweet, thank you very very much!! xox