Sunday, January 2, 2011

Swatcharoo High Voltage Cosmetics

Hi All!

One of my resolutions is to make more swatch posts for you guys.
Most overseas readers will know about all the great indie makeup companies,
but I would like to let the European readers get to know them (better) too.

I always look for swatches when I want some new shades, I
find them very useful

I won't be doing any colour descriptions because I suck at them
If you want to see them, check the website of the company :-)

My swatches won't be the greatest on the net, but hey I'm trying here!

I'll start with the Stuck In The 80's collection from Hight Voltage Cosmetics
HVC is owned by the very sweet Jasmine
She blends all the colours herself so no repackaging here
HVC has a Rock 'n Roll theme going on which I like a lot as a music lover

I find it very appealing to buy indie stuff, you have something
special, very affordable and often very unique colours.
The customer service at HVC is top of the bill and I had some
very fun tweet sessions with Jasmine, she rocks!!

Okay, enough of the yada, but one thing before the
pictures kick in...
I bought these eyeshadows myself and my opinion is my own.
I love HVC and I suggest you check them out!!

Stuck In The Eighties
Swatches over NYX Jumbopencil in Milk

Show Off, Girl in Trouble, Class of '86, Playing Hard To Get, Out In A Pout, Trouble Maker, Life's A Party, Hitchin' A Ride

As you can see, these are all very wearable, but you can also go for
the Rock Chick look with the darker colours
I don't know why I have just one picture left....

And here's what you get when you swatch for a few hours with
loose mineral eyeshadows with no sifter lol

Well, I hope you'll like these swatches!

Here are two quick looks I did

First; Show Off, Girl in Trouble and Class of '86

Second; Playing Hard to Get and Out In A Pout



  1. I love the purple look. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. @femputer Thank you! You;re welcome, I am trying to perfect them, because the sparkles don't show :-( xox
    @SilhouetteScreams Yeah it's a very very nice colour! xox