Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Hair!!! & Some Makeup too..

Hi All!

Thursday evening..

I am not happy with my hair anymore....

It's hell in the shower with the tangles and hair loss...

Two solutions.....get a hair cut...

Or grow a mustache....

What to do?....

Friday evening.....
Lots of hair poorer but very very very happy!

Short in the neck, left side is a bit longer and cut to a point (if that makes sense)
the right side is a bit shorter and cut straight
Kinda assymetric and I really like it..
And... my curls really come to life!

I spiced up my day makeup with Sugarpill's Flamepoint and Plum Poison

What do you guys think...Yay or Nay??



  1. Staat je heel goed, en al handig voor als het warmer wordt :D

  2. Staat je erg erg mooi! De make-up ook :D

  3. looks really good on you, those curls are very pretty:)

  4. Thanks so much ladies :-) it's a real pleasure to wash my hair again lol xox